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OSIsoft, LLC is a manufacturer of application software for real-time data management, called the PI System. Founded in 1980, OSIsoft is privately held and headquartered in San Leandro, California. In August 2020, it was announced that the UK-based production company Aveva agreed to buy OSIsoft in a deal worth $5 billion.

OSIsoft management team has poor communication and is unprofessional, benefits and compensation are poor and there is no career development, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"Poor communications between the management team. In some offices, management makes the promotion decision based more on race, sex, personal relationships instead of experience and performance. Very hard to have career growth if you are not based in the US. Benefits are below average, compensation is below average"


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Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"The company is going through some significant leadership changes. You'll be told something one day only to find it's entirely changed the next."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't work here if you're a woman. A culture of sexual harassment is secretive and pervasive, and goes all the way up to the top. HR is completely negligent and women are left counseling each other to leave rather than deal with the toxicity here. It's a family company that has lost its way."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Family run business with drama"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Leadership is nowhere to be found. 20 year old database technology. Product is awful. They can't seem to figure out the cloud, like its something new. Kids of the owner run the company, badly. CEO checked out. Nothing works."

Software Developer says

"- Work is not interesting - Poor communication - Decrepit code base - Have to use Team Foundation Server without git - No perks except for coffee - No innovation - Old programmers and old ways of thinking"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Like some others have posted low risk low reward employment. Compensation below industry average if you are not in top echelons of the company. Importance on learning and growth of individual employees is very low priority. Rise and compensation is based on how long you have been with the company rather than your career seniority, Old timers rule. Software and tools used are ancient. Software developers keep doing the same software release after release with few tweaks. Most of the money comes from old subscriptions and thus no impetus on improving existing software. Founder is busy elsewhere and generally has ancient ideas about how software company should be run no new blood in upper management. Hiring is slow and unplanned. Office facilities are really very antiquated and there is no plans for upgrading anytime soon. Managers are generally very apathetic. For a city like San Leandro where there is lack of quality restaurants, there is no catered lunch. Snack facilities are very poor. Since there are no Happy Hours there is general lack of social mingling in the company. There is no company expense account so you need to purchase everything and wait 2-3 weeks reimbursements, if it's big ticket items like Air Tickets for work travel then it sucks big time."


"Benefits are below average, compensation is below average, opportunities for advancement are few and far between. Has the feeling of a more established, older company with lifers just waiting to retire, despite fast growth. In terms of retirement, 401(k) offers zero matching, no stock options, nada."

Former Employee - Customer Support Engineer says

"- Poor communications between management team - In some offices, management makes the promotion decision based more on race, sex, personal relationships intead of experience and performance - Politics, conflicts between old and new offices, and the old and new management teams make things very confusing. - No real challenge at work within Customer Support Team - Very hard to have a career growth if you are not based in US."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"The company is currently without a visionary. The President stopped coming to work over a year ago and then silently exited. What does the CEO do? Who knows? Haven't seen him attend a single all hands meeting in the last 5 years, and the only time he does show up is at the annual user conference for another jargon filled splatter of asinine conjecture on where the industry is going. "We have to be pioneers and leave no customer behind". Tell that to your executive leadership team, who's busy killing off every product that currently generates revenue. Cool."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are many managers here but there is a lack of leaders - people who act in accordance to the company values to make tough decisions are few and far between. Toxic work culture for women - HR's reaction to reports of sexual harassment is non-existent and continually disappointing. Women are left secretly sharing their stories and supporting each other"

Outback steakhouse (Former Employee) says

"Very horrible whwn i worked there it mat have change since then but i did not like it training was horrible.....mgr was rude and didnt care about the people thats why he ia no longer there"

Senior UX/UI Designer/Developer (Former Employee) says

"OsiSoft is a company composed of engineers at every position. Engineers design their products without any guidance. The company does not have a QA department or standards for their software. Company is more focused on sales than their customers. This company is stuck in the 90’s."

Senior Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"A change in management and culture over the last few years has led to a point in which a number of mid-level and higher managers are not people one would want to work for. Spying, back-stabbing and a "what have you done for me lately" are par for the course now."

Product Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I am a realist and everyone here felt to be an optimist. I could barely stomach people being okay with some of our products, and support for those products was just laughable."

Business Development Executive (Former Employee) says

"Best software in this class period. Management struggling to separate family from progressive growth to a modern marketting and business focus. Want to keep doing the same stuff.Small and direct connection to managementFamily run owned and managed and family comes first"

Software Developer II (Current Employee) says

"The company has recently made a push to change it's engineering culture from the top down. Many, if not all, of the changes are positive, but they could still do far more. They're still holding on to some old practices, and don't treat their employees as well as other companies do. You'll definitely get promoted if you stick around long enough, but they really don't like giving any advancement to good developers that haven't been there long."

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Recently, It has hired a bunch of middle-level managers who have no idea of how to run a tech company, even though I love the founder and the upper managers. but this new trend could ruin the company"

Senior Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Accountability, meeting timelines, fulfilling requirements, tracking cost, engaging stakeholders and business sponsors, vendor management and effective and accurate reporting are extremely important for Project Management. We have a lot of happy and loyal customers and our user conferences are always a huge success with great attendance.Free snacks and healthy snacks, game room, good compensation and good benefits"

Senior Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"For Engineering, OSIsoft is a good place to begin and end one's career. In the San Leandro office, people don't often join Engineering as their second, third, etc. job. Historically, the turnover within Engineering has been low; it was common to see people at OSIsoft for 5+ years, although that has been changing. OSIsoft hires smart people who have been as a whole good to work with. It's a family-friendly company. There is a good work-life balance. It's not typical to work extremely long hours. As of mid-2018, the company is undergoing may changes, especially within Engineering.Good work-life balanceWeak executive leadership"

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Weekly sales prospecting and organise sales call. Modify Powerpoint presentation for individual company. Time management and sales management are as important as the technical knowledge and sales technique. The colleagues were just like a family. The hardest part of the job is to convince the management for the more competitive pricing against similar technology. The best part of the job is being able to work with a great team.Great team just like a familyLong hours"

Payroll Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Payroll work flow is very slow. Daily work is very slow. People work independently at their desk with very little team work activity. It is early start and early end day to day schedule."

Software Developer Intern (Former Employee) says

"Dress code was very casual. A typical day at work would mostly just be you working on the current projects you have to do. There were very few meetings besides a daily stand-up with your team. I learned lots about the tools associated with large-scale team projects such as Visual Studio Team Services and Windows Powershell. My manager specifically was really helpful and supportive. The hardest part of the job was getting a proper read on my superiors when it came to their thoughts on my performance or ability, specifically when constructive criticism was needed. The most enjoyable part was the coworkers I got to know. All of them were supportive of me as the newest member of the team.Relaxed, friendly environmentCommunication can be slow and inconsistent"

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